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Younique Foundation named Philanthropist of the Year

I dont know why ya’ll keep playing with me!   An opportunity to be a part of something that is building from the gift of giving has got to succeed!  Not only is it important to build women of abuse from the inside… but also from the outside. I also know that Givers are Getters… Its the Law!

So when I say its much more than makeup.. I mean that thang!  Why am I making such a fuss about this today?  well YOUNIQUE is begining to make a major impact in the lives of many!  First within its own state of Utah.

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The Q Awards: Younique Foundation named Philanthropist of the Year

Shelaine Maxfield, Derek Maxfield and Chris Yadon started the Younique Foundation to empower the 25 percent of the population affected by childhood sexual abuse.


Who does that? And just imagine Younique is just getting started!   So just in case you were wondering each time I say that this business is much more than makeup, that I am always aware that each mascara, each lipgloss, each liquid to powder foundation from USA to Spain is changing lives.


Shelaine has this to say about the foundation

We are filling a very specific niche,” Yadon says. “These are high-functioning women who have learned to cope with their trauma but not necessarily heal from it. These women are wives and mothers. They’re your neighbors. And we’re determined to give them a voice.”

And the same goes for this silent plague. The Younique Foundation has an education arm that speaks free of charge to groups, parents, and companies on prevention and awareness of childhood sexual abuse.

“We need people to give us their voice,” Shelaine says. “This issue is bigger than us. We can prevent so much suffering if we just raise our voices.”

Raising her own voice was a powerful, life-changing decision say Shelaine

I pray for each purchase you make with Younique that you realize that your donated portion will surely go to Uplift Empower and help Validate a sista to assure her that she is Fearfully, Wonderfully Younique Naturally!

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ps.  Congrats to my Awesome CEO and His Lovely Wifey!! You guysRock!

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