What you say? 80,000 orders in a DAY? 

What the hell was I thinking!  I now celebrate a couple years within this industry and i should KNOW better!  

If you have been in your company more than a year there are certain patterns, series of events, and growth spurts that you should look out for.. Some come with major consequences for those experiencing them for First time! Get it rite! Get it together! Check out some kick-azz keys to avoid!

Within 24 hours over 80,000 products were sold!  WHO KNEW?  Younique reps have been complaining because there has been a delay in shipping products. Ashamed to say,  but YES I too am caught up in the mess, but rest assured this will never occur again.  I know signs! First of the Month? Thats a SIGN!  Product Launch? that’s a SIGN!  New Country Launch? That’s a Sign!   So if your tripping because your stuff has yet to arrive, I ask WHY the Hell You wait til he last minute to ORDER your INVENTORY?!!  Your not the only one?  When your owner of ground floor HYPERGROWTH franchise .. Know the signs! Don’t be last minute! If your in business BE in business stay on top of your Business and ahead of the Game .. Or WAIT 


Know your SEASON. Know the reason behind the influx in your Season!  Seasonal weather changes brings about a change in many things.  No more cabin fever! Folks anxious to get out into some sun, no hats and gloves.   

As spring arrives the sun shines, things warm up, flowers bloom, know if your business will BLOW up! Or blow out! .  

In my industry we prep for Mothers Day, Easter, summer holidays and more vendors Oppts. In the summer than winter.  Unlike the cold winter months that do well at keeping a steady flow of clients .. when the spring hits, with YOUNIQUE NEW product launch, new country to Open, spring  has almost Sprung.. This is PEAK season!  Be prepared ahead of time.  Store it in Your BRAIN! 


When your growing a business that has never been seen before, a business like Younique that is on the cutting edge of the beauty industry, you can’t be AFRAID of uncharted territory.  A HYPERGROWTH company will experience back orders and shipping issues.. The DEMAND is higher.. What position does this place you in?  You want to be in business where the demand is low?  Or do you want a company where the demand is so great that it’s value remains high.  People get excited on what is in high demand!  the rage of excitement is felt when you get anxious for something.. 

So be patient and be Prepared. Know your Industry.  know the peak and the low seasons of your business. note also that if you are living without limits, there are NO LIMITS!   MULTIPLY!!  Tear the ROOF off the Motha-sucka! Be prepared to Fight for what’s right! Recognize that the higher the level the bigger the Devil. Celebrate that! Stand Bold Bcause now you know when crazymisncoming.. you can cross the Street!  


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