Is You Crazy?  Your Mind plays Tricks on you! 

Too many times the devil tries to play tricks with our minds he convinces is that our dreams or visions our purpose are creative goals will never come into focus the voices in your head tend to cause you to remember all those things that failed but I admonish you to choose to forget so that you can remember all of the things that you successfully completed .  Feel the  Fear and do it anyway then rinse and repeat

Over the past weekend my Ysistas & female Entreprenuers I did an event.  

 I had wanted to do for quite some time it was my purpose to build women entrepreneurs in my city of Detroit .  I reluctantly I proceeded with this event with some added pressure from my peers .   Much to my amazement although the crowd was not as expected it was not as expected

The above picture is just a few of the female entrepreneurs that came to network we learned about social media we also learned about building sales funnel because it was so intimate the at the coffee shop provided a perfect setting for learning.  
Needless to say there were rave reviews and everyone is excited to do it again all because I decided to forget those fears and step out on faith and walk the water now I can float on cloud nine

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