3 Keys to the Nations-Grow your Biz

3 keys to the Nations of the network marketing profession.   Success has never been a secret, it’s a SYSTEM!   I used to call myself the system Sista , Crystal will laugh at that, but the statement remains true.  Success is a system!
Here below is my very first exclusive blog video I wanted to share !  keys to the ‘ations information duplication and motivation!  


Know they industry of  Network Marketing Profession.  Its not taught at any school, or university, so follow the Pro’s.  In order to become successful, know the ins and outs, what works and doesnt.  Its okay to be a copy cat, just be sure to copy the rite Cat’s.. such as those mentioned in the vid.. Eric Worre, Gloria Mayfield Banks, Todd Falcone, and the list goes on and on…

Know your Product.  Be Your Product, be a walking talking billboard and advertisement for the benefits of you products and the changes it has made in your life should be evident in your Smile..


Know your Compensation Plan.. I forgot to put that into the Vid.. But believe me you.. You dont wanna leave any money on the table.   Know how to excel, and get the most out of your business, by knowing WHERE THE MONEY IS….


Success is not a secret, its a system.. you gotta know this.  If you follow the Industry leaders, you will see that they have created a duplicatable system.. Anybody can do it.. No matter your education, background, or experience..  Duplication via…

Sales funnel

video presentations

audio presentation

local meetings

weekly conference calls and video meetings

This way, you never have to say a word.. but always redirect them to a full presentation where they will be placed in front of ALL of the information, in a system that they know they can duplicate that WORKS… if they join, they know other will do so also,  if they rinse and repeat..


The Best Leaders, are the Best Servants… sounds like something somebody deep would say.  and maybe has.  But it sounded good.

Its better to be interested, than interesting.. Now that I know comes from Eric Worre.  lol.

 So Listen to your Clients, and Team,  Be there to give them the info they need to become independent as quickly as possible.   Allow them to see you work just as hard as they do… alotta folks dont wanna see you appear to live off  the “fat of the Land” .

What are your Go to strategies of success.   Which do you think is most important to have?  Who are other Great leaders of this Network Marketing Profession  that you follow?


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