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3 Keys to unlock Network Marketing Success

Three keys network marketingMany times I get the question of methods I use  to grow my Younique business! 

What does it take to grow a network marketing business? 

How do I become successful in my business? 

What are the keys to success in network marketing? 
It’s a numbers game
The more you know the more you grow network marketing is a numbers game if you observe the leaders in the industry they are recruiting in bulk the more people that you recruit more likely it is for you to succeed there is always an 8020 rule that plays in general that also comes in playing network marketing number one key to network marketing recruit recruit until you get your Finest fruit.. it’s a numbers game
People are like dust they’re everywhere
If your mouth is close so is your business if you’re not sharing your products and you are losing and missing out on a golden opportunity to share the gift of opportunity that you have people are everywhere everywhere you go share your game

Talk about your business walk about your business everywhere you go be a walking talking billboard be a product of the product. Daily activity result in success. Know that you are there flea wonderfully unique naturally everywhere you go make it a purpose make it an intent to speak with someone about your golden opportunity
Most people know what to do but won’t do what they know to do
Hang around positive people
Hang around people in this industry people going to inspire you people are going to motivate you got a let go or be dragged you don’t want to be dragged by those and let you don’t want to be dragged by those who are satisfied with mediocre you don’t want to be dragged by those who don’t see success you’ve got to let go or be dragged

Hell is when the person that you are meets the person that you were to become
Hang around those that are OPP only qualified people people who are going to motivate you people who are going to be positive speak life into your situation and not back
Let’s review the keys to network marketing the video below

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