Addicted to Chicken Crack? 

So what the hell do I do! 
Although this is a beauty fashion and style blog, this blog entry has absolutely nothing to do with any of the above.

Here locally there are franchises of a restaurant by the name of Captain Jays.

Let me be the first to say I absolutely love the fresh fried chicken and fried fish. Not only, because I just like fried chicken and fried fish, but particularly because of the coating that is on this chicken. 

You see, Captain Jays fish and chicken even French fries,  are coated  with a really good lemon pepper seasoning,  it has little twang that really is what draws me, and keeps me addicted to Captain jays chicken and fish.

Needless to say everyone knows, I have this Captain jays addiction.

However upon discovering that I loved this recipe I was told about the coating.  I was given information about where the coating came from.   Disturbing to me..  This coating has the name chicken crack.

Personally I’m not sure how to take this. 

 Should I be offended because stereotypically it said that African-Americans consume more chicken than any other culture . Should I be insulted because the crack epidemic was one of the most severely detrimental epidemics within the black community destroying many families. Should I be insulted,  that this seasoning I enjoy so much has a name that is very culturally insulting. 

Who made the decision to come up with such a Name.. I find this quite disturbing..  

What do You think?  Is this really an appropriate name for a Brand?  

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