American Girl Melody Ellison Detroit Black Doll selling out Fast..

DETROIT Girls Rock!  American Girl proves it !  Introducing to its Historical line straight from the D during 1960 Civil Rights Movement..



Melody’s story starts in a Detroit church choir. According to the company’s online unveiling of the doll, her character started out singing with her congregation while gaining awareness of the racial inequality around her as discrimination directly affected her and her family. Her “sense of community” grew from her family to envelope her neighborhood and all African-Americans, according to the company. The girl was inspired by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to “have a dream of her own: to life her voice for fairness and equality.”


• She is only the fourth ever African-American character to be launched by the popular doll brand

• The Melody doll is due to be released in the summer, and will retail for $115


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