3d Fiber Lash Mascara

How to apply Younique 3-D fiber lash mascara

How to apply Younique 3-D fiber lash mascara


 So to many times we are so excited to use our 3-D fiber lash mascara that we do not take the time out to read the directions. So instead of providing the instructions I thought this would be a good hub or a good place to provide You with  a video tutorial on how to properly apply Younique 3-D fiber lash mascara 

 Here are a few key components for you to always remember 

 gel  fiber gel

 A very key component officially applying the 3-D fiber lash mascara is to a sure that your foundational called a translucent gel is saturating your lashes .   This may take time and patience but making sure that each lash is saturated with translucent gel  assures that the fibers have something to cling  to..

This is a very key factor in having a successful application 

 Apply base coat of gel before continuing the process 

 This is just a personal tip  or trick of the trade that I use which is to apply  my  3dq fiber lash mascara .  Using a base coat of gel before continuing the entire process .  in other words place GEl  on your lashes as a foundational coat allowing it time to set before you go back and reapply or gel fibers to gel 

 Pencil process 

 Another little key tool that I used to have a maximum results and the use of my 3d fiber lash mascara is to apply the mascara on lash by Lash . Holding the wand  as I would a pen or pencil I patiently apply translucent Gel  to each Lash  individually in an up/out down stroke 

 I know everyone has a different method of applying their mascara   So share in the comments below with  us what  you do.. to maximize your mascara results!  


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