Barber Shop the Next Cut the Conversation with Dr. Sabrina Jackson

It was a privilege and an honor to be invited to spend the premiere of the movie barbershop featuring ice cube , Cedric the entertainer  this past weekend with Dr Sabrina Jackson author and motivational speaker and many  Detroit’s finest Hairstylist barbers and make up artist.

What is the purpose of the barbershop within the African-American community ?   Is the beauty salon the pillar of the community ?   Why are beauty and  Barber salons  called black man/woman’s  country club ?

This and many more conversations were discussed at the premiere of the barbershop movie 3 .  Conversation about the purpose of the salon within the community included our opportunity to network , our opportunity to discuss politics , our opportunity to be employees and not just employers, also to provide jobs for the community .


Salons and barber shops have always been the place that African-Americans can come and feel free to converse about things that we needed to address within our culture

It was a safe place to discuss things such as religion.   a place women could share testimonies,  receive therapy for many times your stylist becomes therapist as well. Nevertheless BeautySupply owners are predominantly of Asian heritage..

However the in result  is always to come out feeling motivated,  feeling beautiful,  feeling better than you did when you came inside beauty and barber salon.   Feeling even better because you were able to circulate your money within your community to help build it and supported It.

May I also add that last nights event went to benefit a young man who lost his eye because of a stray bullet.   Which again stress is the fact that it is our community that needs to support our community.

all for a greater purpose 

But wait wait a minute wait !!!!!   You said nothing of the movie ??  Was it good ? did you laugh ?

Grandma said if you don’t have anything good to say,  don’t say anything at all ….

umm !  .. Nothing else to say …

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