Creme of Nature Golden Copper on my Natural Hair

Ive finally decided to get a New Color… a copper color.   as Many of you who follow Big Chop Big Top Natural Hair you’d see how things have changed in the natural hair industry.   How my Hair has changed also.  Ive been limiting the chemicals I use, but am still strugglin with the Blow Dryer, I use too often to style and stretch my curls.  so ya’ll pray fa me

Its been a while, since Ive colored my hair due to the damage I know it does to hair like mine that is natural hair, soft, fine, bout a 3C type.  So seeing as tho there are now hair care products designed for natural hair which is to be Less abrasive has been a huge encouragement in my personal decision to go as bright as  I did…Creme of Nature Permanent Hair Color 8.4 Golden Copper



So I’ve got a few compliments on my color , and shown here styled in a simple wet set, I thought I’d just let you know what I used, in case you were diggin it!

natural hair colorOf course I always recommend that you use the services of a profession cosmetologist to prevent hair damage, and continue to maintain the health of your hair… so its okay from Time to Time.. to Get a LIL CRAZY


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