Ctrl Alt Delete


I thought,  ” girl, this may not be the Best way to begin you Blogging of this Journey from White to Black.. ”  But in the midst of it all.. I must Keep it REAL..

For people with Passion and Purpose,  there are times when you need to STOP..  press the RESET button, and REBOOT Your Spirit Being.

Lots of Times in Leadership Giving is Key.  Thats for a team of 2 or 222!  but to know when to Stand Still, and work from the OverFlow is generally harder than giving your ALL..

Leaders must Push  for others to want there own Success.. Leaders teach method  for others to Work towards Success.., Your Helping to Push, Encourage,  and convince convince convince them of their Personal Success.. Many times as you are pushing your Inner Growth




Control How Much You Want to Accept!   Each of us has a time when we need to exhale, and refocus.  To Reboot ourselves as I said earlier, and many times We must realize that WE are in Full Control of when this happens!   So Control how much BS your willing to Take.  Control the Organization of Time you are responsible to manage.   Control when it is time to Stand Still, Be Quiet and rest in God who is Ultimately  in Control..


Alternate some things around.  Find Ulterior ways to be Creative in your Business.   Alternative people sometimes create avenues of increase just in exposing your self to people who are New and outside of your norm.  I’m just sayin..  CHANGE IS GOOD… and a part of your REBOOT.



Notice the Positioning of these Buttons… they are Not easily pressed simultaneously,  you need 2 hands, and they are on opposite sides of the Keyboard.. 


Yes,  its uncomfortable at times, and it takes you from one spectrum to the total opposite… but to REBOOT means sometimes having to DELETE some things which are not a part of this Season!   Delete those things that will not FLOW.. Delete your Limitations!  Delete Toxic People..  Delete thoughts of Limited Abundance.  Delete thoughts of Self Insecurities!  HECK !!  Sometimes we have to use BOTH HANDS, and reach to DELETE our PAST!   Delete FEAR!


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