Cut your Top off! Technique Tuesday

How many times have you tried to squeeze  the  bottle and nothing comes out ?  When you’re down to the very last drop and nothing comes out? You gotta have it, and nothing comes out! 

Today’s technique Tuesday it’s not complicated, probably nothing really “NEW” .. but it is an awesome way to assure you get ALL of the product, you’ve paid for!  You wanna get all of your  product!   you are  paying for it,  If your anything like me..  you want none to go to waste..   

What You Need:


For me it’s my glorious primer.   I was awaiting for my order to arrive and I was down to my very last glorious primer .  Glorious fills in the fine lines in the wrinkles..  so that my make up can lay properly.   without it I’m afraid I might look different than I did when I left the house by the time I sweat from a long day.   My glorious primer assures my make up stays all day.  

So you know,  I was freaking out when it was time to get ready and I had none coming out the bottle!


So with scissors I simply cut off the top rim of the bottle,  to open and expose the inside.  Feel free to take  a Q-tip,  and YES!  Get the Rest!  

I want it all and I want it now!  Of course and this not only works for  glorious primer but any  plastic container you may have.   


“get your moneys worth girls!! ” 


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