Detroit Black Women Empowerment with Coach Char

Having the opportunity to share with women worldwide is my mission and personal goal!  Why? Because Black girls truly rock! Hearing the testimony of how others have created personal successs, business success, and financial success are one of the many joys of being a part of a giving community of sistas!

Detroit Women Bosses offered an opportunity in Sept 2016 in Taylor Mi to come together as sistas and empower one another. Motivational Speakers such as Coach Cherisa and Coach Char, shared with us many tips and tools to help us overcome ourselves, and others.

“So I Double dog Dare you!” says Coach Cherisa.  Daring us to face our personal limits and using the power within to conquer them was key topic of her lesson to us.  Her personal challenges created her into someone who was not only unable to love herself, but made it dificult to love other… especially other sistas… as well…

Listen to how she overcame this challenge

Recognize your weakness..PUSH PAUSE

First we must recognize that we are no good on our own. Stop repeating your failures.  We need one another.  We must at some point recognize the hurt within us, address it, and overcome it.  For we can not love others, if we cannot love ourselves.  Press Pause, on Life from time to time to pull YOU together, to serve others.  many times we need to just back away… remeber that WE ALL HAVE Gifts.. and we talk ourselves out of becoming successful.

Give Yourself Permission to take a TIME OUT!

Coach Cherisa mentioned that every adult must take a Nap.  (just a side note)

Dare Yourself.. CHALLENGE yourself

Something strange happens when we challenge ourselves.It begins to build our self esteem it begins to build our competitive edge. When you dare yourself you challenge your self to something new. Coach Cherisa challenges us to face our fears. When your competitive by nature sometimes the greatest competition is yourself.

Failure is the pathway to Success

What will you dare to do different today?

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