The Secret to DIY PUrple Glitz Gloss Personally Designed for Younique

One of the cool things about Younique is the ability, to MIX AND MATCH.  MATCH AND MIX.  YOU Can wear a concealer as a lip balm, or an eyeshadow as nail polish.  Cool heh?  I think so… So I thought I’d I would begin to take those products I’m just on the brink of being completely “depleted” of because they seem to be me favorites.  So I though to blen them all together to create something that is MINE!  My own DESIGNER!  One of a Kind Lipgloss.


I absolutely love t, and will be doing this again in other colors!  It was fun and easy.. This is what I used.


So here is pretty much what my end result.  I absolutely love the regal purple deep pigment which came from the repetition of the process.   Using my younique regal & my KaOir   you can create your lipgloss to be as heavily pigmented as you choose just rinse and repeat

 So I ran into an issue of what to use to transfer it from the container into my lipgloss fortunately it was lunch time I used a straw that I was using to drink from cut it in a diagonal and use the pointed age as a scoop it worked perfectly
 So here is my YOitube  providing you step-by-step each and every secret that you need to know to create your own GlitzGloss

 so check out the video and please don’t forget to look at the notes at the end of the article I have a few do’s and Donts
   One true benefit to using the glitter in this format is that due to the heaviness of key yours glitter you tend to get glitter grit in your mouth and you have a grut all day long .  with the lipgloss you can manage , maintain , and control exactly how much glitter used.  And if you need to kick it up a notch you can always add additional glitter on top!  younique gloss

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