Eyeshadow Pallette Younique Addiction #1Stunner!  

If I had to choose my favorite go to shadow, it would have to provide a neutral  look.  Meaning that no matter what color I decide to wear, that eyeshadow palette would compliment.  

Hence forth would probably provide a nice nudes. Earth tones  and natural colors.   But ya know a sista gotta have some shimmer in her Life to provide that BOOM BOOM POW!  

 This is why I called this eyeshadow palette  from Younique my number 1 stunner!

It’s a No brainer Neutral palette which will bring attention without being  overpowering.   A no brainer because the colors blend so well, so there’s no need to have to color coordinate your pallet..

It just Fits!!

It has 7 colors total which provides a lot to chose from.  Then it has your matte colors and the equivalent shimmer as well giving you the best of both worlds.

Although good with a soft lip or even a bold color lip.. It  again is easy to apply and will compliment any skin tone , or color attire you rock .

And Defintely good for those quick 5 minute Faces!!

No eyeLiner and no lashes on the above pic!  And it still looks pretty spiffy!

💜💜💜💜 also use Glorious Primer to add even more POP & sustainability 💜💜💜💜



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