Facebook Live Tools Under $20

Facebook live  is a mandatory stream of marketing that must be implemented if you are a business entrepreneur.
Too many times we are apprehensive in starting a Facebook live broadcast because we do not have the necessary tools. We may not even know where to start.

Which is why I created this video below with tools you can use under $20 that will help build your security in beginning and Facebook Live Broadcast

The video series on how to build your Facebook live first includes tools under $20.


Tool #1 Tripod

The most important thing that you need in the very first thing to start with is a tripod. Below is a video implicating some of the positives of having a tripod.

Tool #2 Smartphone Jellyfish attatchment

Also is included smartphone attachment by jellyfish .
A tripod alone is not enough you must have this additional attachment for your smart phone . both of these products may be purchased on amazon, and cost a min to get you started and get you going on your Facebook Live !

see the links below please view the video.

Do not miss the second portion of this video series.  Facebook Live series is also offered on Youtube

My mission is to inspire you to do more, to grow more, and be inspired to use social media as a platform to help build your income.  As we diversify and build residual income, we must be ahead of the trends.  and this is Just my way of Giving to the community of sistas,  Just tired of being MEDIOCRE!!

Facebook live tools you need under $20 here’s part 1.


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