Before beginning to pursue any business you must have Passion for that business! 

Purposeful Passion Pushes Prosperity

  1. Why would you join a business that you don’t have a passion for?
  2. Why would you Purchase Products or be forced into an Autoship that you don’t have a use for?
When signing up to pursue a business be sure that you love what you do!
Things will get hard!
Times will get tough!
However to achieve what you’ve never had you must do what you’ve never done!
 You gotta love what you do! Let it’s Passion burn in your heart!
So when family rejects you you still have a FIYA !
When friends tell you, you can’t do it … you will still have Fiya!
Till that one day they no longer ask why you did it but ask how!
So Luv what You Do!  and DO what You LUV!

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  1. Your such an amazing Woman! Feel free to submit your thoughts, articles, or Journey Journal at any time! MuchLOVE! #youniquelife #fbbff

  2. Congrats on your Bonus sis! You have been an amazing support and Push for me! You definitely keep me on my Game!! I thank and truly appreciate your support and for sharing comments!

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