Younique Hashtag Marketing from a Unique Younique Perspective

YOUNIQUE Hashtag Marketing from a Unique Younique Perspective


Girl, here you go again Nakida with a whole new marketing perspective!!  WTH!

YES, SISTA!  Facebook, Twitter, Periscope!   #Hashtags, have now become a very important part of building a social media and a google presence for your brand or your #unique business.


So on the Marketing Monday I thought I’d push pass what they are, and how they are used…  just for now…. and will save it for another Monday Marketing.

 I did want to provide you with marketing tips that will help those who have some familiarity with there purpose so that as you post your daily blogs, pics, stats, that you also begin to make your post Searchable by utilizing searchable hashtag.




 PICTURES / VIDEOS are worth a Thousand Words 

Use photoshop apps, like instafont, pic play post, canva to create beautiful and eye capturing selfies!  Show your Younique Look,  or advertising pics which share information,   1 LOOK should  make it clear what you are trying to communicate .

  GoogleBots are looking for your Text 

And of course you know that although pics are worth a thousand words, Reading is fundamental!  So, note that your #text words are search by the googlebot world, and also needs to be included along with your Hashtags..   No need to be long and wordy, but clear enuf to make yourself clear to others.  (two lines or less )




  Target Marketing is very key to the success of traffic that you receive.   If you are a Younique Makeup Rep ,  sharing natural cosmetics, and 3d Fiber lash mascara, you don’t need to market to someone looking to Fly a plane…

Know your niche market and keywords associated with your industry.  These are keys to successfully gaining new internet traffic.   Google Adwords Keyword Tool Search is the number 1 way to research to see whatzup with your industry and its keywords.

Whats Trending? Whatzup?  Whats New?


You know in todays society, there are new things poppin up every day.   Your job as a marketer, mompenuer,  is to stay on top of the latest, the hottest, and trending topics being discussed.

Opening your self and the choice of your HashTags to todays Trending topics, allows you to attract those who may not be looking for what you have at the moment, but because of your involvement in Up to Date topics,  they are now attracted to see what other New things you may have…

Reaching the masses is our goal.   So even if youve successfully connected and drawn the attention of 1 Person outta 50 who view your daily post… Just think…  it only Takes 1 !!

Dont be afraid to see Yahoo, Whats Trending,  Top Trending sites, to see whatzup! Its then your job to formulate a hashtags which coincides with today trends!



  Please share

Of course your unique Hashtags are also to be used as Call to Actions for those with whom youve have been now blessed to attract…

Hey!  if you dont Welcome them,  and Invite them to Connect on a permanent basis, then what we have done to attract them is for the birds…

Our goal for #HashTag Marketing is to not only attract New and Exciting new consumers and business partners… but to also KEEP THEM…  be sure you Always include a #FollowMe #Share #Joinme #clickhere

What Hashtags do you find Useful?    What more would you like to know about Hashtag Marketing ?    



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