How Now Thick Brows! Trending 2016 

Sure, magnificent eyebrows are everywhere these days, but just a decade ago, they were wispy, overplucked strings. If you’ve ever grown out your arches, you know what a dramatic difference they make to your face. Fuller brows often make their owner look younger — and a well-groomed pair can even fake the effects of a facelift.  
Some of the beauty trends from the late ’90s and early 2000s are not ones we care to repeat, but these 10 celebrities survived the time period with dignity and now rock bold, elegant arches. We’re almost shocked by how different many of the stars look. We know that 20 years have passed between some of the snaps, but these images are a true testament to the transformative power of the brow.



As we age, our brows may thin naturally ..  Therefore Help is on the way!!

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