How to Switch/Toggle Instagram accounts

A few weeks ago I mentioned Instagram was allowing accounts to merge.

To toggle between both personal and business account for our entrepreneurs who also work a social media marketing on Instagram​

A lot of y’all didn’t know how to do so so this quick blog post is a small tutorial on how to toggle between your business and your personal Instagram accounts. 

Notice I said business and personal because frankly if you’re using social media as a Toy, and for anything other than the tool then you’re really missing it!! flat out!!

How to Toggle between accounts

To initially set up account you will have to hit the tool key the screw with the time to add your business account! 


After adding your account simply go to the top where your name is,  hit the downward menu arrow and you have the option to toggle your Instagram accounts and to add an additional account.

Thank you Instagram I had a hell of a time trying to remember the passwords for two separate accounts I am grateful.  

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