I’m Stuck What! 

So What I’m Stuck!

Keeping in mind the transparency is the key to this blog journal from white to black, 

 In all transparency

 I must share honestly

and say I’m totally 


I am disappointed 

I am frustrated 

I am stuck 

I have been stuck for four months and I’m Frkin tired! 

But as I reflect on my journey from white to black

I know it is a Journey 

I Shift to remain Grateful 

to be where I am today , 

I remain committed to what I do 

I will continue to Love what I do

I remain diligent to my success 

I will not allow The things of my mind to sway my future 

I will succeed 

I will change what I say

 I will be more diligent in my personal development 

I am determine 

I will succeed

So What I’m Stuck!

Chuck-it-in-the -for-get-Bu-Cket 

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