Liquid Lipstick by Younique is a SPLASH

As a younique presenter we had the opportunity to review and take a look at the Younique products first .  this Younique convention that took place in St. Louis 2016 was no different than before.

we have an opportunity to test and review wear  products.  Alol wing us to review  if we like or if we don’t like the product..  In today’s hot seat …..mood struck splash liquid lip stick .

Just the term liquid lip stick is such a turn on !   then after using this amazing product I realize the difference between yYouniques liquid lipstick and that of  other Matte lipsticks

And trust me when I say I love Matte lipsticks so in the below video you will see two differen e  in the quality and consistency and creamy mess of both Matte lipsticks

Most make up companies cosmetics are pretty much the same..  they all take their own personal spin put it into the product to make it their own!  Younique’s scientist are absolutely phenomenal in the results that they get in there working towards formulating cosmetics,  make up and beauty products that are both healthy and  high quality .  Which again holds true to its mission statement to uplift to empower and validate women across the globe.

YOuniques splash liquid lipstick is going to be a major game changer! MAny in the business of  Younique representatives it releases October 1, 2016 in 10 different colors electric blue dark deep purple also coinciding with today’s make up trends .    Featuring deep pigmented Matte. colors that will go well with anyone skin without drying out the lips..  YOUnique’s splash liquid lipstick will definitely be one of its top producing Products and will move and shake the beauty industry

See video below

This is a good time to take advantage of a younique that’s the tuna tees and get your Younique wholesale membership

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