MAC Big Lip Backlash 

As recent studies show that young women ages 18 to 26 look for lip injections before they go for any other enhancement. Lip enhancements are one of the most popular enhancement done worldwide.  Even I have used Full Lips to achieve “juicy soup cooler Lips” ..almost Everybody wants full heart shaped lips that are the Glam Rage rite now!!

Unless your a Ugandian MAC Model..

 tell me why the backlash when Mac Cosmetics decided to post a picture of a beautiful Uganda Model with the perfect full  Heart Shaped Lips many are seeing surgeons to achieve ..   Much Hate occurred!   IG  Instagram blew up with statements of racism and prejudice.

Who knew?? Many who decided to UnFollow the cosmetic Giant because of this post ?  Really?

It’s amazing that in a world where the Leader of the Free world is multicultural, Racism (especially within the beauty industry) is alive and Doin  WELL!!  Im sure you are aware that makeup/cosmetics are UNIVERSAL!  So why are y’all Trippin? You didn’t know women with dark skin , big eyes,  big nose,  and big lips, full hips wear the Same makeup You Do?

Why the hate.. In a world of such Diversity, when men are becoming women, and Women men. Why the hate,  when  People are changing what God created,  into plastics and injections.  Why the Hate,  for lips Kyle Jenner, Lisa Renner,  pay a lots of $$ to achieve artificially ..

However it seems ONLY acceptable to “them” when it’s on “them”..

What do you think about MAC comments?   Are full lips a cultural feature?  Should Mac Clap Back!!


Big Lips Full hips.. That’s how my story goes… Be happy with YOU boo!!!

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