Makeup Money without having to work at Sephora

This weekend was an absolutely fabulous weekend for me I had two major events that I had planned on Friday
there was a training event which incorporated many entrepreneurs from many different businesses both network marketing businesses in entrepreneurial businesses​.  For the fun full of life full of fellowship we had an opportunity to share information share products shared services and to network with one another.  

One thing I truly understand is that each of us has a personal vision .  each of us has personal goals and things that we like to do to fulfill ll our personal purpose. however many times finances are a detriment and we have more month  than we have money .

this is why network marketing industry is so important . this is why it is very important to be able to divide your time and multiply your income simultaneously.  this is why the business model of network marketing is so profound.   it is the only industry that allows you to create streams of income that will last generational.  

So when I read the following article about a editor in chief  of 25 years  went to work for so for a four-day it brought forth a lot of good information that was both shared in a training event and basic information on how to present yourself and why network marketing is such an awesome opportunity

The article mentioned that even though she was professionally an editor and chief , her  experience at Sephora was more than she could ever imagine.   the requirements the time the energy the attention me that the clientele knowing when and when not to do with the customer was way beyond her expectations

As it is when you’re working for others one wonderful thing about Younique  is that I am able to service clients with makeup and cosmetics without having to deal with the protocol and the restrictions that are placed from working for a. big businesses

It allows me the freedom to work from home,  it allows me the freedom to be the mother to my family and to work within the hours that are conducive to my schedule.

Most importantly the business of Younique allows me unlimited income there is no prearranged per hour rate so what ever let efforts call for will come forth and is my reward.

Hell  no it’s not a good deal to go  to Sephoras  workforce for us to make money when you could always be self sufficient. self reliant,  independent , by owning  your own makeup franchise.

So is it really need it to dedicate your time and trade your time in for money to have a successful make up franchise?

What do you think is it possible to make makeup money without having a brick-and-mortar?

If it works for Mary Kay of course it will work for us too!  

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