Monday Marketing Madness ~ 

From Bri
Now, to be successful in YOUNIQUE, you follow the plan I lay out for you. You take that plan and put it into action.

Start with your goals, (already put into place for you); each month you sell $500 in products and you add 3 new people to your team.

You then teach those team members to do the same.

HOW? (let me lay it out for you)

You make personal contacts each and everyday! We are never closed and YES we work weekends and holidays!

10 contacts is what I personally strive for but at the bare minimum, you want to contact 3 fresh faces, people you have never talked to about the business or products, you want to follow up with 2 previous conversations and connect with 1 current team member.

WHO? How do you find people to talk to?

Make your first list of 100! (warm market list) These are those in your phone, on your Facebook and people you talk to daily.


Take action and make the connection

Need more?

Participate in local events

Carry 10 cards in your wallet, your day isn’t done until you have contacted 10 people and handed them your card AND collected their info (they will be one of the 2 follow up’s in the days to come)


I have my list, now what? How do I approach these people.

My dear, it’s EASY! 3 C’S!!!!




Objections?? OH! You mean excuses!

We have an entire recorded conference call on how to overcome those!

You see, this entire plan has been created and put out for you. There is NO WAY to fail if you are putting this plan into action. Hold yourself accountable! Don’t settle for failure.


I hesitate to use the word “easy” because it’s far from easy and takes time to build. If you do nothing your reap nothing. BUT our business is built simply by sharing. Sharing the products and sharing the opportunity! It’s really THAT SIMPLE!

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