Monday Marketing Madness

 Each Monday I want to share some type of marketing tool To help grow whatever business you may be involved with.  Marketing is always key.. So do me a favor..  share like & post!!
Please NOTE:  Always follow your up line’s leadership!
There’s a reason why you join them in the first place so always consult with your up line.  What has  made them successful will many time help your success as well!


Success is not a secret it is Systems . Creating a simple duplicatable system is the first thing you want to do to develop a Team. 

Simple Systems create Duplicatable Success.

Rock Enroll

1.  Be sure to take the time to walk them through the enrollment process. Sometimes the enrollment  process can be overwhelming. So set set the tone for the rest of Your business relationship.
Patiently walking someone through the enrollment process, helps Set you Up as a leader.  It can also reassure your new business partner that you will  be there to support, and grow with them! 

Back Office Training

2.  Set an appointment time with your new business partner, to go over the back office in it’s ENTIRETY!
There’s nothing like face-to-face training ! And if you’re in separate states face-to-face online !
Make sure they are aware of all of the tools accessible.
Be sure they can understand how the VPS ( virtual party system ) works.
Also be sure to introduced them our  Youniversity  Training.
Knowledge is Power, so be sure they are equipped by being an educated business owner.

 List of 100 

Create a list of 100 people!
That includes phone list,  email list,  a text mail, list a follow-up list and a referral list!
Each of those lists should have about 100 people on them and as you do business, you continue to Extend our list.
Longevity in business is essential, so be mindful that we are truly in the  List building business.
So, start NOW!   

Usually when most people join a company,  they are only excited until they realize they actually must work!  There’s No Get Rich Quick!  So be sure to get them TRAINED , and clearly communicate and understand their personal goals, and financial expectations !  

Continue to keep them plugged into your training,   always celebrate their success, and continue to pray for them.
People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care! 

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