More than Makeup ~Melanie Huscroft talks Younique Mission

YOUNIQUE’s mission is to uplift to empower into validated

Yes!  it is a make up company. Yes!  it is cosmetics !  but the foundation is much more than make up! 

When you understand the foundation of something you understand it’s growth!

That YOUnique foundation is the crown jewel of why this company thrives. Here is a recent quote from our chief product officer in our cofounder Melanie Huscroft.


As one of the Founders and Chief Visionary Officer of this company, I want you to know my firm and unshakable vision for this company. It’s so much grander than I can even put in a few paragraphs. Let me start by saying this: I want Younique to be known for MORE than just a direct-sales company. I want Younique to be known for MORE than just a cosmetics and skin care company. I want Younique to disrupt the way people think about both those industries. I don’t think that is too big of expectations, do you? 😉

We aren’t trying to fit a direct sales mold or do something “just because it’s the way other companies do it.” Call me defiant, but I believe things can always be done better and with purpose. I want to make a difference…. A disruptive difference in the direct sales world, a disruptive difference in the cosmetics and skin care world, but more importantly, a disruptive and unapologetic difference in the lives of women across the globe for generations to come! That means we have to be known for MORE than “just a direct sales company” and MORE than “just a cosmetics company.” Our mission is so much bigger than you and I. The Younique Foundation is the crowned jewel of the company. Next to my family, it is something that I am most proud to be a part of. I know without a doubt that it is a part of my divine calling here on this earth.

I realize wholeheartedly, that we can’t make a difference in the lives of women if we don’t have a financially successful company. And the only way that Younique can be financially successful is by having thousands upon thousands of women who are also financially successful.
What does all this mean internally at corporate and in the field? Fundamentally, it means we need to put all of our resources into serving and training the army of women who represent Younique – empowering them to be of great influence. Strategically, that means building online social tools that make it easier for you to run your business, training the trainers, and leading the leaders. And then our job at corporate is to implement and deliver those things in a way that truly breeds duplicatable results.
In the coming months we will be excited to share more insight into what our long-term vision and strategy is for things like the Youniversity, some changes to Younifieds, and other things in the works. Love you guys!

Building women is it nine or so when you feed a woman you feed her family!

Become a part of this life-changing opportunity now!  


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