My family and friends have nOt bought ANYTHING

So many times when we start our business we are excited!! 

Looking forward to the future,  the first people we tend to share our business with…

The people that we love!!!


You’re excited .. we expect them to be excited 

We share our business with them… we expect they Share and support

We expect their purchase, we expect their referrals, too!

I’ve had family members  join other companies. When they are witness to my Success.   When you Love your Family it our hearts desire,  for them to be a part of our business building.

We’d love to think they’d be the foundational building blocks to our Empire. BUT

Don’t be discouraged.

Don’t quit cause cousin Pookie, who doesn’t have a entrepreneurial Bone in his body, and a Broke mentality doesn’t join your Franchise!

Here are 3 things to do to reach outside of Your Immediate circle of influence…
1. Get out of your Box

Connect with networking circles in your area.   Connect with the community groups that peak your Intrest .  Connect with the brick and mortar businesses within  your niche. Be sure to share what you do with your Hair Girl, Nail Girl, Tan Girl.

Leave marketing info any where u leave your Money!

2. Don’t start any business expecting immediate results.

Many times  Businesses take 2 to 4 years to even Profit.  Many hypergrowth companies still require consistency , and Daily Activity as you continue to build momentum and web traffic.

So love what you do! Do what you love  you will need longevity & sustain ability.

3. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you
Although it may hurt like hell,   Don’t take it personal.  Because your friends and family don’t support you, doesn’t mean they don’t Love you.(I think) .

While I’m at it, Don’t take it personal when a stranger on the street says “No“.   Your “NO’s” always take you one step closer to your YES! 

Businesses thrive every single day based on Mass marketing ! Not on the Friends and family! So,  Think outside the box.. get Creative with your Marketing, Step outa what’s comfortable.

No one business will make Millions on just Family and Friends…

So Yup! I don’t care who knows,  I put my fam & friends on Blast! I BLOG BLASTED! Threw them Under the Bus!  I am telling Everybody!      It’s a bitter Sweet TRUTH!

They have purchased  Not a LipGloss or Liner .. They have bought No Thing!

But it’s all good!!! .ya know Why??.  because another truth is…

THEY probably will NEVER READ my BLOG either !! 

Have you had this experience??   Please share!

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