Natural Hair 101 sponsored  by Embrace the Natural U. ROCKED Detroits Natural Hair Community

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As Detroit female entrepreneur  it is my mission to support other female entrepreneurs.  This weekend  Ginny Anyiah from Embrace natural sponsored a NaturalHair event with teachings the basics of NaturalHair 101 this past weekend at the Detroit public library. Right in the heart of the city of Detroit. Forever leaving an impression on the hearts of natural sisters.

This event was filled with over 100 African-American women of all different hair textures and hairstyles but all understanding and having confidence in their natural textures..



HOT Topics

Natural Hair in corporate America .

Have you ever thought about NaturalHair in the workplace is it acceptable ?

The thought that NaturalHair is a gift for many who fight tough thru the ridicule and unacceptance of wearing natural hair for others to become inspired to go natural.

 NaturalHair elaminates  GYM  excuse

Going natural eliminated the excuse for going to the GYM! ( except For those like me who look for excuses will find one anyway)!
Being natural encourages a healthy lifestyle and has for me and many others. Building a community of NaturalHair sisters who embrace their natural hair textures and their culture and ethnicity is absolutely phenomenal. It pulls us together, and pushes our sisters up!

Natural hair

Embrace Natural event , also shared not to get involved, or get caught up in HAIR types ! Many folks have multiple hair types.

  • Hair type is contingent upon many things.
  • Genetics
  • Density
  • Porosity.

Things to be aware of when it comes to Natural Hair are sulfates which are detergents contained in Dawn liquid soap) parabens, and many of the like.

  • Several very good points were shared.
  •  conditioners take care of the outside of the hair,
  • Moisturizers take care of the inside of the hair,
  • Oil or Hair Butters are designed help retain your hair moisturizer and hydrated.


There was a lot of discussion regarding coconut oil but it was interesting to know that coconut oil Is one of the few oils that actually penetrate the hair follicle but can also become oversaturated.

She also shared how Shea butter’s, Castro oil, petroleum jelly, were oil’s to stay away from.

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Remember you are fearfully wonderfully younique naturally.












As always it is incredible to be in the community and in fellowship with sisters Who Embrace their natural U


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