Younique Periscope Is Live Streamin Video on FLEEK

 There is a new live video streaming social site on the scene that’s making a lot of noise !!

Twitter owned Periscope is a new social media site design for (smartphone only )  live  streaming video broadcasts from the apple store or even google play ,  which includes celebrities like Kevin Hart,  motivational speakers such as Les Brown and Eric Worre.


Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and  Donald Trump also used this social media platform to Live Stream to announce their presidential campaign

Periscope live webcast according to the Huffington Post  is also  being used in other creative ways for Mom’s as well.. Live Streaming  also being used for summertime check in on the babysitter on the kids.

Let us not forget the business perspective of Periscope Live Video Streaming app is allowing  you to expose your business, your product or your brand to millions of people worldwide!  Live Streaming Worldwide..

 Do you understand how frikin Powerful that is…
Real estate agents can use it for live open houses,   teachers can use it for tutoring, team leaders for meetings, and Younique  presenters can use it for Live Streaming Virtual Parties!

Want to know whats going on Live ?
Periscope notifies you when your connection is live by a notification. Your videos can be viewed up to 24 hours after the live broadcast after which it disappears…

Trust me I felt uncomfortable going live in pretty self-conscious on camera without any out editing or filters but you get used to it
Keep in mind that these videos are a world wide.


MOVE with the CHEESE

Times are changing..  and so is the flow of social media… we have gone from text only,  to now pictures that tell the story.  Long gone are the days of limited advertising opportunities.. Younique CEO Derek Maxfield, (owner of NetSteps) has already advised us to join in on the break thru opportunity to grow your business worldwide thru this amazing streaming webcast social site..

Periscope is now introducing and new level in social media with its Live Streaming,  interactive  chat room, and its FEARLESS NESS to be YOUNIQUE and   DIFFERENT!

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3 thoughts on “Younique Periscope Is Live Streamin Video on FLEEK

  1. This app is new to me. I’m not the most computer savvy person. This app is exciting in spite of. I’m really nervous, but I feel that this will help promote my business. I’m definitely out of my comfort zone here. I’m loving my new Younique business and I want to share these amazing products with the world!

  2. Thanx so much sis for stopping by and showing us some Love… alright your a Periscopee now…Rock those videos sis.. ps. please share and invite your team to this blog journal for Younique Marketing tips and tricks! I appreciate you!

  3. whatever you need Charlotte… I got ya… just connect with me!! thnx for stopping by~ You know where to find me!!!

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