Save My Edges Campaign… Is this For Real?

I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry when I initially saw this video.  For real?  Should I take it seriously? Really? Save My Edges?  lol.. I couldnt make this up, if I wanted ya’ll..

However, I realized it was  a serious issue.   although it even appeared as if those featured sista’s  in this clip below, struggled to keep a straight face… all of a sudden. I had a flashback,  (prior to going natural)  and realized.. OOOOOO this is an issue.. and Whats funny?  Is  TRUTH…


From  years of weaving, braiding, and even the fine pressing combs that pulled out the kinks, and I could promise you that there are at least 100 different EDGE SMOOTHING  products available to smooth those edges out…Smoothing edges?  is an entire industry?  lol

The tragedy in the video is when they say SAVE YOUR BABIES EDGES too…  Lawd have mercy on ya people today…  Braids, Plats, Barretts with Beads on in ya baby head with a million pigtails, so folks know its a GIRL… Sista’s PLEEEASE!!!!

and I Know I am not the only one to see the Sista with the Bomb weave, and then she hits a good Wind and her beautiful brazillian hair blows back and exposes her bald edges that have now been Ripped out from your years of Abuse!  Now you Stuck in a Wig/Weave?? of course everybody remembers the shock and embarrassment we felt for Naomi!


and…Whatsup?  With the baby hair?   Whatzup, with the PULLED EDGES…



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