Dark Ash in a Bottle? When does Tanning Become Black Face?

A Swedish Tanning salon is being accused of racism, because of its new method of tanning.  Of all things they are accused of trying to make women Black?  Wait a min?  Was it an option?  Ive heard of folks lightening there skin. Now we witness them applying what I called Chocolate skin in a bottle.



dark skin                                                                                       tumblr_inline_o43bmb828I1tcrsjf_1280.png.cf

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Thbronzere Stockholm-based Emmaatan salon, run by Emma Patissier Alm, specializes in spray tanning. But while tanning salons are often associated with being ‘bronzed’ (or, in a worst case scenario, ‘orange’), Emmaatan delves into deep brown colors with spray tan solutions like “Violet Onyx“, “Dark Ash Onyx“, “Caramel” and “Dark Chocolate.”



Please dont get me wrong or get it twisted.  I’m totally down for the chocolate golden girls.. I have my own favorite body Beachfront bronzers, and golden tanning sprays and lotions.  Even as a chocolate girl, I lose my color, and become “multi-colored” having light and dark areas which are fairly natural for african american women.

However, Golden tones are one thing… SKIN DARKENING is to me something totally different.  Truth is .. its no different than folks doing the skin lightening thing. Taking something to create a tremendously drastic alteration to your look, such as Changing your color.. WTH?   The crazy thing about this product, is that it washes off in the shower… ummm…


Keep in mind tho, that all of this is taking place in Sweden.  Unlike racism and color shaming in the United States this does’nt occur as much in Sweden. so honestly speaking, I dont know how to view this..




Nevertheless as long as your Black can wash off an on at your convenience, you will Never be able to experience the life of a true chocolate girl…

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