Splurge Fickle Cream EyeShadow gave me the Blues~    by Younique

This is Fickle, the newest shade of Splurge cream shadow, available October 1 2015!

Fickle is a supmtuous, deep blue eye shadow that applies smoothly as a cream, but dries to a powder and doesn’t crease. It has just the right amount of luxurious shimmer to accentuate your bright eyes.

This ground breaking science & technology combo, has folks within the beauty industry looking at Younique  for info on how manufacturing such high quality Makeup with such revolutionary natural products with today’s technology! 

  Bobbi Brown, Loreal, yeah neither the Almighty MAC.. 

Sorry y’all! This time they Just can’t keep up!  💯💯💯🍭🍭


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