Stiff Upper Lip by Younique -How to Sustain LipStain

Never leave Lipstick on His Collar. 

Why You Need Younique’s Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain in Your Life:

1. You can kiss your kids and husband without getting color on them. Consider it smooch-proof! Your family and the people you kiss at the church will THANK YOU!  

2. It’s long lasting. Seriously, it stays on your lips ALL DAY LONG.

3. It’s water-based and goes on smoothly.

4. You can drink from a glass and your color will not rub off of your lips. There will be NO lip marks on the glass. None.

5. You don’t have to reapply or touch it up after you’ve done it the first time. Really!

6. You can apply more coats to have a more vibrant and dramatic lip stain color. (Just wait for each coat to dry before applying the next coat.)

7. Did I mention that it’s long lasting and does not smudge?


              7 Shades of Stains

.1. Shy

Shy is the lightest shade available and adds a nice hint of pink to lips.

2. Sappy

Sappy is a shade up from Shy and is the perfect daily color. It’s a pretty light pink that is definitely for light wear and Daily duties.  

3. Skittish

Skittish is a fun color! The Bimb dot Com!  It’s a bright pink and perfect for Spring. It’s such a great color, whether you are dark or pale in skin tone!  I usually Rock this with my Skittish Lucratice lipgloss for the added BOOM BOOM POW!  

4. Saucy

Saucy is a Sexy  red lip stain color. What more can I say?! 

5. Sultry

Sultry is a cranberry color and is the closest to the lip stain that was offered in November as the Younique customer kudos. We loved it so.. Younique made it a part of our beauty arsenal.  

6. Sleek

Sleek is a brownish/plum lip stain color (if that even makes sense…). Usually I wear sleek with my Earth tones and natural colors!!  

7. Savvy

Savvy is a radical purple lip stain color. Purple stain??   ALWAYS will Command ATTENTION!   



💜💜And although it is NOT officially Tuesday  Technique Tuesday… Here’s a pretty cool tip to help 


A Light coat of a Iight color YOunique BB Flawless helps to provide a base pallet for your stain.   

Apply and Let Dry



Lightly BLOW air thru your lips to Dry Lipstain.  do not Smear lips Together… Just apply and BLOW DRY ..with ya Lips of course!  

I chose to use Skittish Stiff Upper Lipstain ( it’s my fav).  Coating  it on top of my BB Flawless applying multiple coats for a deeper more pronounced and pigmented color!!  

How long can you rock it?   How hard do you ROCK?   

Just Rock Til You get a Stiff Upper Lip

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