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Rose Water

rose-waterRose water can be used for many different Reasons, but has for centuries been a constant in our Health and Beauty.   No wonder Younique would decide to provide this as a part of its Beauty Line..

In all honesty, this was not something I’d Looked to use, or even thought to use prior to being involved in this industry..


However its uses include  Hair and Facial Refreshers. Per Huffington  Also can be used to help with clearer pores, and dark circles.

Using Younique’s RoseWater, you can also use it in combination with your makeup to enhance its color, to set your makeup application, or just to Refresh yourself  on those hot and Steamy days!
ps.  One way I luv to use the rosewater is to sparingly spray my bed sheets before my husband joins me!  lol!   try it!


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  1. I’ll definitely be using this in the regimen, especially on my hair and my bed sheets!

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