The Nene Leakes says No No Peeps! It’s Time to Leave RHOA!

The Key to true Success is to not become boxed in! Not to be Limited, not allowing yourself to be comfortable where you are, but always seeking to Grow!!!   

I shared this story to remind me that Risks Have to be taken to GROW!  To never become settled, but pursue and be willing to reach for GREATER!   

 The Many Faces of Nene !!!!

We will surely miss the many cliches, catch phrases Nene Leakes left us with.  She was always At the Top of her Game of throwing Shade, and Always gave us Drama and Good Fashion!

Nene Leakes  of course also had some horrible wigs, we know were Not so good but left us wondering WHAT THE HELL IS SHE THINKIN??

An Original Reality Queen, she is one of Bravos biggest money maker..

Love her or Hate her.. We do Celebrate Nene Leakes In watching her Growth,  her Failures,  Divorce to again getting Re Married!  We have seen her on Broadway, and as she graced the cover of Ebony Magazine.

BUT will RHOA survive without her??  HECK YEAH!!! 

RHOA now welcomes Kim Fields formerly of Living Single, Facts of Life Fame!…

Although plenty of drama will be brewing with Kenya Moore Heading the TRIBE!! We will soon see, what is yet to come with RHOA !

We Celebrate Nene Leakes for being the OG Queen B of RHOA, and we bless her and appreciate her sharing her Reality.

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