Younique black status

Tough Love! GET OVER YOURSELF ~ Black status advice!

Katie Thompson is a BS2 and WOI Presenter. When she speaks… I LISTEN! Maybe we all should? She dished out some tough love this morning.

Just shared with my team. Feel free to share with your teams if they need some tough love 😜

Younique black status
Younique black status


Tough love and the 10 things you waste time on:

1. Social Media…you spend too much time on Social Media waiting for things to happen. Read this and get up and go out and go meet people. Use Social Media as a tool to connect, inspire and promote your business but not as a crutch.

2. Thinking…you spend too much time thinking about all the things that could go wrong. You stop yourself before you even start.. Stop thinking what could go wrong and get out there and imagine things going right.

3. Over complicating the Steps to Success. Yes, it really is this simple:

*Sell $500 PRS
*Sponsor 3 people
Did you know if you do this every month and teach your new presenters to do the same… Reaching your goals will be easier!
Pink, blue, green and up will be in arms reach!
So teach it, preach it and reach it!

4. Follow up…as in there isn’t any. You meet someone and then don’t follow up with them because you fear they will reject you.
Call them anyway. Yes, call them. Get their number and say, “Hey, we met yesterday at the water park and you said you would like to look at my makeup kit, I would love to do a makeover on you!! #MYTREAT How about tomorrow?” #VirtualBusinessCard

5. Spending time with the ones that don’t want it.
#ChasingGlitter when you should be chasing #Leaders.
If you can’t find your new presenter, that is a good sign that they are just not interested even though they paid $99 and joined.#WitnessProtectionProgram
Let them go and when you do, then #Leaders start sprouting on your path. Work with those that earn your time!

6. Over analyzing. You think you need to know everything about the products, compensation plan, etc. and then you will start your business. How do we learn the best? By the “doing” of the work. Get up…get out and go meet somebody to do a makeover on!

7. Saying that you want this really, really bad. Really? You want this really, really bad? Then go meet somebody and it could start with your sister, neighbor, cousin. Ask your mom if you can make her over, then ask your best friend if you can make her over, then ask your neighbor, teacher, postman, minister, banker, store clerk, college friends, kid’s friends moms, husband’s friends wives, anybody and everybody you do business with if you can make them feel and look beautiful you are learning and growing!! Quit wanting this and start doing this.

8. Netwhining. But, I got to Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Black and my business fell apart. No it didn’t, you stopped working. Yes, YOU! This is a business and if the “boss” doesn’t show up then the “workers” stop working. Think about that for a minute. You are the energy center of your business and if it stops flowing then take a look in the mirror.

9. Netcomplaining. The products changed. The Products don’t work. Really? No, they do. You stopped using them. You stopped opening the bottle. They work or we would have to close, we wouldn’t be launching new products and opening new countries. We just built an entire brand new state of the art office building with OUR presenters plastered all over the walls.

10. I love you. I appreciate you but I am gonna tell you that you need to, “Get over yourself!

Younique black status
Younique black status

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