Younique Convention 2016

Unique Younique App! Building a Younified Community of Ysistas for St. Louis Annual Convention

I promise you this company is cold blooded .  If I could I would start all over again .  I wouldn’t change a thing it would always be Younique , As many may or may not know Younique’s annual convention will take place this August 3 and will take place in St. Louis .  And St. Louis will never be the same we’re going to paint the arch purple !
Nevertheless Many times, issues that were concerning in prior conventions was the lack of  personal organization. it was difficult to know what classes . where the class was in your schedule. Where are your friends were? What was available to eat? And the little things that you don’t think of like a place to take electronic notes!  So don’t trip they’ve come up with a solution for that,!

Younique has come up with a solution to this problem

Younique Convention 2016
Introducing Younique St. Louis convention App!

This list your schedule, it has a media thread , allowing you to connect with the new Ysistas, and stay connected to the old Ysistas.

Younique Convention 2016

This Younique app allows you to message and connect with those friends and team members that are there during convention time !
what an awesome idea !
how original! how convenient!
another reason why this unique opportunity is changing lives.
Simplistically the merging of social media network marketing and make up is a lethal combination for success!

Younique Convention 2016

This year’s convention will result in much greater Younity! Can’t wait to see what is in store for the future!

This app is on Google play an in your Apple Store.


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