Weave it Alone the LOAN!  Detroit Weave Loans

When I first saw this pic scrolling across my social media page, I thought it was a Joke!

located in My City? “I know they haven’t taken It this far”!

I had to research it (google)..  Just Because it seemed to far fetched that just as Cash Advance & PayDay Loans exist,   someone would actually go into debt for a WEAVE LOAN?   WEAVE!  HAIR YALL!    UnBeWEAVABLE!

So WAIT!  

Have Sista’s become so sick on Weave that they miss bills, car notes, and pay their last Dime for a SUPERFICIAL, ARTIFICIAL version of who we really are?  Many having worn hair extensions for so long that they have No hair of their own!

Where are Our Priorities? Do we really believe that weaves make us beautiful,? Is it true we believe that without them our naturally Kinky hair is unattractive and “too”Cultural?   Too BLACK?  Do we need to have Long Blonde wigs to make us Beyoncé beautiful and seen as Socially Acceptable and Gone with the WEAVE FAbulash?

We will go into Debt over our appearance and not invest in ourselves because financial success looks too much like Work!

Why do we find more value in our Booty than our brains!!

HOW MUCH DO You Spend Monthly on Hair Extensions ?

Is your hair Purchased from someone within your Sista Circle?  Or someone who lives within Your community?

If You don’t have Hair extensions would you still be Recognizable?

Would you buy a Pot Roast or a PonyTail?

Something’s Gotta change my Sista’s!  


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