Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara Plus ~ Record Breaking Sales

Check it out!

While you were asleep Over 250,000 Younique Reps stayed awake to be FIRST to get their 3D Fiber Mascara Plus!!

Record breaking sales!   

3D Fiber Mascara PLUS went on sale to the public today July 15th, and many  anxiously waited for its release.

Because when it’s BIG?

YSista’s  SHUT IT DOWN!!!

You may recall these are the same Younique reps that Jamed WebJam!!

Younique has truly earned the title of being the #1 social media direct sales company Worldwide..

BUT also banging out products that causes  the WORLD to Change! Changing the way we See ourselves! Feeling Beautiful inside and Out!!

Younique Sista’s  were able to receive the 3D Plus in advance.  This was Way cool! This allowed us to see the Increase in the Products results, Mascara removal and wear!  It’s Amazing that something soo good, just got GOODER!


So, on its release,  which occurred at MIDNITE pacific time, I was NOT the only one trying to get ahead of the game..

Over $35,000 in Mascara was Sold within 45 minutes!

Again breaking yet another Younique day Record Sales!!

What an amazing time in Younique History!!  This Resurgance with 3DPlus and Record breaking Sistahood of Younique women WorldWide stands Strong!

Continuing to Uplift, Emppwer, Validate women Younique is changing the industry and causing women to become MOODSTRUCK PLUS worldwide!

BELOW IS THE AMOUNT OF 3DPlus sold this 4am 7/15 as I was completing this story!
Whew!  I can’t keep up!  The counter is Spinning!  This has been a Thrill! And truly worth the HYPE!  Gotta get some rest.. GREATER WORKS to do today PLUS!!

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