Younique pyramid

Is Younique a Pyramid Scheme?

I believe in the power of being able to validates women worldwide.   We do this and use make up for our ministry .  now it is my mission  to help women to feel good on the outside as well as on inside!


What the hell is wrong with our sisters ?

If you love the product why not own the company ? 47% of Americans cannot afford a $400 last-minute emergency .  when we become more business minded and less consumer Minded our love vets will change.   why don’t we as sista’s see the importance of entrepreneurial ship ?

The video below brings some very valid points across what is a peerless game do you really know  ?

Do you trust your job?   what would happen if you were to lose it today?

Check out the video below share your comments share your thoughts what stops you from going to the next level .

What is Younique is it a pyramid scheme ?


Is it a slave mentality that keeps us from going to the next level why don’t we understand as black sisters that the network marketing professional creates more millionaires than any career job market can’t what stops you from going to the next level ?   Your biggest ENEMY … Is inner ME!

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