Younique Facebook

Younique Business facebook Strategy 4 Quick Tips

 Too many times we don’t spend enough time with productive income producing activity.  scrolling Facebook without purpose is one of those things that suck our time away!  as Mompreneur ,  entrepreneurs..   here are the key things that we can do to make GOOD USE..   of our scrolling time. 

Younique Facebook
Younique Facebook

 YOUnique is a social media integrated company so Facebook is a key tool to marketing

however using it efficiently & patiently  is a key to Younique business success. It is more than just a Younique cosmetics it is a strategy of marketing that you can use to be successful from home !! 

 Scroll with liking and comments.

Set alarm.

Set purpose and strategy.

Types of post.

  1.  Lifestyle. 
  2.  Occasional 
  3.  Product knowledge 

Content consistently 

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