My Younique waste of Time!  What they forgot to tell you about your Younique Biz!  

The original purpose for this blog was for me to share information on motherhood, make up, business strategy.and my thoughts feelings and emotions​.

Realizing that the journey from white to black has many lessons and it which can also be applied to life.   Sometimes metaphorically speaking but the lessons nevertheless you’re still the same .  Building a business is about building relationships , so is life .   Building a business is about not wasting time,  so is life .   Building a business is about creating a successful future… so is life .   Time management  and non income producing activities are not wise whether building a business and building a life .

This video below I share my personal opinions,  personal lesson which I’ve learned over the last year of my Younique business.

Although the title seems funny and attracts attention the message is the same.  Leaders believe in  income producing activities .  So, don’t waste your time on people and things that don’t create massive success .

run with your runners

 work with your work walkers 

and keep your crawlers  connected

So avoid some of the many mistakes I’ve made..   Time and the wasting of time is never wise.  which is what this forum is for ..for you essentially to laugh at my mistakes, but avoiding them at the same time.

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as I teach I learn

So learn  from my mistakes 


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