Younique Cash Bonus

Younique announces New CASH BONUS


Younique Cash Bonus
Younique Cash Bonus

But even if you don’t

I’ll say it!! 

again I told you so

Younique announces a new cash bonus  designed to help those working diligently towards their 6figure income!

Younique pink Yellow  status are to receive this MAJOR cash..  CHA CHING!  

 While many  have always complained  that younique has no AutoShip and that we have no recruiting bonus.  

  Younique  has figured out a way to reward it’s presenters for their efforts 

Per our CEO

Younique Family —

As you know, tomorrow is Valentines Day. Or depending, on your location in the world, today was Valentines Day. All markets that Younique operates in celebrate this wonderful holiday.

Valentines Day is all about HEARTS and the color PINK, right?

The last couple years have shown me that PINK status really is the HEART of the Younique Compensation Plan. Pink is the status that launches a Presenter on the rest of her journey. Pink is the status that is helpful to the Elites and Exclusives in building and maintaining healthy Circle volume.

What am I getting at? We have a special Presenter Perk that will run for the month of February aimed at helping as many Presenters as possible reach Pink Status in February! (hint: I’m talking CASH bonus :-))

This means it is specifically aimed at all of you White and Yellow status Presenters out there. If you are currently White or Yellow, then you will be eligible for this bonus. If you are Pink or above, then this is also for you, because it will ultimately build your circle and your generations more effectively!

I will explain it all on a special edition Facebook Live tomorrow — Tuesday, February 14th at 2:00 PM Mountain time.

I’m excited to fill you in on the details and I’m not gonna lie, I’m hoping to see a lot of exploding pink hearts when I announce the details! Happy Valentines Day everyone!

 I’ve said it once and I’ll say it many times again … pigs get fed hogs get slaughtered!  

so one intricate part of growing your business is to feed the bottom first .  it is from the bottom to the top that your business will flourish !! 

Younique cash bonus
Younique cash bonus




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