Younique Catalog

Younique Catalog to Home Screen

I am often asked many technical questions regarding the Younique application and how to apply are you in the catalog to the home screen.

Younique Catalog
Younique Catalog

There are several things that you need to do and each step is provided in the screen below.

The video below shows the example of how to upload the new catalog to an iPhone home screen.

(I’m unable  to share android I am unfamiliar with it. )

 Accessing the catalog provide your client with a paperless way to gain access to Younique cosmetics and make up. Your Younique catalog can be emailed text  instant message or direct message.

Having a Younique app up on your home screen is an efficient way to share a product and provide high-quality photos . 


 What how to questions do you have that we can share with others. 

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