Younique Detoxifying Mask Demo

Although it is been quite sometime. It’s new September 15 release..   Younique’s detoxifying mask is  the buzz word on the street.

As you continue to bunless  your Younique team one major clue that I want to share with you is to be sure to have team meetings. Recently this month of September we were able   To come together as a team to mastermind enjoy fellowship food fun and of course mask mascato!

So I just want to share my personal opinion on a few bullet points that help us during the course of this meeting.

And the funniest of all this on video tutorial on Younique detoxify mask !

what a fun evening with the Mask just being the  icing on  the cake.

 Team meetings are a must

It doesn’t matter if there’s one or if there’s a dozen it is very important for you to gather your team together. It provides motivation inspiration and accountability. You will learn more about each representative there needs strength  and know what there weaknesses are!

 Be willing to share your product with others

Many times when you gather your team together it allows you enough time to take  information on your business and its product. Not just that but it also allows you to experience and educate them as well. As a leader be sure that you position yourself and be willing to make the personal sacrifices.  that may mean that you need to inspire your team to go higher in business.   Sometimes this may just means using your own personal products for your team to experience.  Allow your meetings time to experience new products


 Take advantage of that time for videos.

Not only were we able to spend time experience our new new products. It also allowed our team and opportunity to post videos. These  the video tutorials on this detoxifying mask as you see below. This media opportunities provide  purpose because it was shared on all platforms, in each of our social media circles.  And showed come Ratterree and team fun .

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