#YouniqueCon2016 Getting ready ! Younique Convention

for the last few weeks me and about 10,000 other Younique sisters worldwide have been preparing for Younion convention taking place in St. Louis 2016!

Younique Convention 2016


Younique convention takes place once every year. it gives us an opportunity to connect with sisters that we’ve network with over social media … also allow us to hear about Youniques new products and how the company has grown in the last year!

In any business that you are involved with it is always recommend that you go to the convention. if you’re serious about the growth of your business it was said statistically that for every individual on your team that attends me and you will conventions they increase your business by $1000 annually!

So this year I’m really really excited about what is going to take place. I look forward to the growth . I look forward to the growth of the younique foundation (which helps to support sexually abused women and defend the innocence of children).
I mostly.. look forward to again touching hugging my Younique sisters from across the globe! Corny I know! So what!!


Stay tuned updates will be coming shortly

For more information about Younique products or the Younique opportunity please click the link below:


What are you looking forward to this convention? how important are conventions to your business? do you attend conventions? are you aware of annual convention with in your network marketing business?

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