Technique Tuesday

Llet’s hear it for the brows!!
We are Making NOIZE!!!

Up coming new release for Younique cosmetics is the eyebrow kit!

So today’s Technique Tuesdays is Brow technique.  So that when you get your kit you know how to use it

Be sure to know where the beginning,  the climax, and the close of your brow arch  should be. 

A little secret is to use a darker brown liner to enhance the height and the arch of the brown 

Then went soft, short, hair like strokes fill in between the two lines. This is usually done with a color that blends with the lash hairs.   

  Then take your Younique Spoolie located on the other end of your brow liner and blend it.  Again using short brush like strokes directing your brown hairs, brushed in their natural directions. 

Then take your phenomenal. Younique  Brow Gel which also contains Uplift Fibers and stroke it lightly through your brows. This Gel will give the affect and appearance of having thicker fuller eyebrows . 

Do not only have thicker fuller lashes thicker fuller eyebrows as well 

Again another YOUNIQUE opportunity. 

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