Younique Foundation 2015 Celebrates Women who’ve Conquered Abuse


I post my link each day. I talk about my Younique makeup.. ,but I also share how I believe in the vision-mission of the company

Started by a brother who was already successful,  in business out of a love , and respect for his sister.

CEO DEREK MAXFIELD & Co Founder Melanie Huscroft ,  believe that all women hold the key to making changes in this world.

Well, as I prayed yesterday asking God to direct my path, to put me where he would have me to be!

As I ask God to use me for  glory , as His Vessel, His mouth piece, then quickly started moving on about my day. I contacted a domestic violence group here in Florida.  It’s my hearts desire to help abused women and children, people period.

Today, I woke up on a 6a prayer call and the words were straight from my heart .  For what I had spoken to God was from my hearts desire!!

Before I left Michigan, Younique was hosting a retreat for women who were/are dealing with sexual abuse. I sent an email said I was interested……..,that was in April…….

TODAY I received a call that there is a spot for ME. 4 days 3 nights all expense paid I have to get to Salt Lake City.

Who does that

A Younique company that pays you while you sleep, that is concerned about YOU ….that uplifts, motivates and inspires.

I expected  this to be a life changing event for me ,  and every person I come in contact with!

I loved this company before, now I’m in love……

So, Ask and it will be given
Seek and you will find                      knock and the door will be opened. Ask


Knock……look at the acronym



So, Shout to my Y Sista’s whose shoulders I stand on .who hold me up…

Who I Aspire to be like…..

that I too one day…..

Will be that shoulder 

That holds My Sista  Up

Share in my moment!! 

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