Younique lifting serum

Younique Lifting Serum Royalty Skin Care

First off let me begin by saying I am totally spooked and excited about this new royalty my skin care that Younique has developed over the last year. secondly I will like to also add that I am in love with the Younique Royalty Skin care Line!  Especially the bamboo charcoal detoxify mask.
That was until today.
I received my lifting serum from Younique and I am absolutely in love. May I also add that shipping is on Fleek. What usually took a week to arrive arrive in just two days!
Of this I am most appreciative.

I started on my four head pictures shown below.

Younique Lifting Serum
Younique Lifting Serum

Notice difference within the first 30 minutes. After two hours unbelievable results.
I cannot wait to hear more about this lifting serum. The ingredients. The details on its use and share other before-and-after pictures.

We as women always want immediate results. A lifting serum which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles for eight hours is sufficient.
No need for needles. It’s a Wonderbra for your face.
This lifting serum can also be used on cellulite. And I am sure many more testimonies will come through.
Younique’s Lifting serum another revolutionary product.

Younique Lifting Serum
Younique Lifting Serum

My girlfriends whose anniversary is today.
Has applied it to her entire body. So funny.!!

More to come.

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